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WordPress is my choice

Which blogging platform do you prefer?

Nowadays, we have a lots of platforms. WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco,..
Have you seen medium? It’s really good

Now we find lots of but few years ago It was complicated.

My first blog was on SharePoint 2007. It used the SharePoint blog template. Why did I choose it?

The answer is easy. I’m a SharePoint lover and I felt comfortable with one platform that I knew. Later on, I migrated it to SharePoint 2010 blog. Yes, I coded on C# process using client side object model to do the migration, I was proud.

But after all, it was the same template with a new master page. No improvements, no new features. Still the same problems with anonymous access and comments system. I didn’t want to admit that for blogging purpose, SharePoint was not the best solution.

Finally I did it (better late than never) and I started to look for the best solution. It’s not rocket science if I tell you I chose WordPress

It’s the most evolved blogging platform.

Basically because WordPress was made for blogging. It’s his main purpose moreover you can do CMS with it.


– It is continually evolving and it has an easy way to update it.
– Thousands of  free and paid plugins
– Total control of the content and good connections with another social networks.


– It’s based on PHP (Sorry, it’s not really not a CONS but I come from Microsoft World)
– The Database is MySQL (as I said, I know SQLServer)

I’m getting used to overcome the other technologies. It’s my work and I love learning so, the decision was taken: WordPress

What about the next step. Where can I host the WordPress?

There are hundreds of service providers on the cloud but I will focus in one: AZURE

Why? because maybe it’s not the cheapest but it has an easy command interface and dashboard and for the people who come from Microsoft world is the natural step.

In the next page I will focus on how to host the WordPress Blog on AZURE.

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