Ramon Torras


CAML tools and helper libraries



I would like just to share with you the best tools and libraries available for CAML queries creation. Quite often we have to create some queries on SharePoint Lists and as we know, depending on the complexity, could be pretty long.

Don’t reinvent the wheel trying to concatenate [OR] and [AND] nodes into a string. Or trying to add nodes dynamically on runtime execution. Just use the libraries that already do that for you.


As in SharePoint we have 2 Libraries: One for the client side JSOM (JavaScript Object Model) and another one for CSOM (Client Side Object Model) and the classical one for the SSOM (Server Side Object Model).

Let’s try to browse the best tools for each one.


JSOM àTool CamljS



Simplifies creation of SharePoint CAML queries for client-side scripts. Can be used with either SharePoint Client Object Model or SPServices.


NOTE: The author also created a Chrome plugin that allows you to test instantly your query on your chrome browser.



SSOM and CSOMàTool Camlex.NET


Same behavior but for C#. In the codeplex page you’ll find lots of scenarios.